extendedmode is a community edition fork of es_extended (better known as ESX) and will be maintained by various trusted members of the FiveM community.


  • Allow even versions of ESX scripts pre 1.2 to continue to function with as few edits as possible.
  • Ensure backwards compatibility/new features at the same time as adding optimisations and general other boosts.


es_extended is a roleplay framework for FiveM. ESX is short for EssentialMode Extended. The to-go framework for creating an economy based roleplay server on FiveM and most popular on the platform, too!

ESX was initially developed by Gizz back in 2017 for his friend as the were creating an FiveM server and there wasn't any economy roleplaying frameworks available. The original code was written within a week or two and later open sourced, it has ever since been improved and parts been rewritten to further improve on it.


  • A fully configured installation of mysql-async (or equivalent)


  • Weight based inventory system
  • Weapons support, including support for attachments and tints
  • Supports different money accounts (defaulted with cash, bank and black money)
  • Many official resources available in our GitHub
  • Job system, with grades and clothes support
  • Supports multiple languages, most strings are localized
  • Easy to use API for developers to easily integrate EX to their projects
  • Register your own commands easily, with argument validation, chat suggestion and using FXServer ACL

Exclusive Features#

We have made some exclusive features for extendedmode only, find them all here: Functions